As a low-voltage integrator we are required to keep up-to-date with the most bleeding edge technologies. As such it’s difficult to keep our website reflective of ALL of the services we offer. If you’re unsure if we do something just drop us a line.

We’re not afraid to try something for the first time so if you have a crazy idea or a unique situation we’d be happy to get involved.


We like to think of home theater as three different kinds of rooms. First, there’s the dedicated theater almost exclusively made up of a projector and screen combination and 7.1 or greater surround sound. The second kind of home theater room is the media room, also known as the man cave, rec room, game room, or the she shed. It’s usually a larger format flat screen TV or smaller scale projector and screen combo. This is were the party happens. The last room is simply called a surround room. This is usually a more common area room like a keeping room, great room, family room, or living room where there’s a desire for higher quality sound, but with an emphasis on aesthetics. Click on each to learn more.



Audio and video distribution is simply centralizing all, or the majority of, the homes audio video equipment into a single location. No more unsightly cable boxes hanging out below TVs or crummy bluetooth speakers scattered about the home. Distributed A/V can also refer to the ability to switch and share all of the audio and video sources in a home between all of the speakers and TVs in the home.



This terminology is becoming more and more well known and is even becoming standard practice in some new construction homes. Home automation is the system that connects all of your other systems to work together. Once connected you have a myriad of ways to interact with the system through universal hand held remotes, wall mounted or portable touch screens, voice control by Alexa or Google Home, Scheduled events, mobile devices, or even conditional when > then programming. For examples of home automation click below to learn more.



The outdoors has become another room of the house and as such requires some of the same amenities. Speakers and subwoofers come in dozens of weatherproof styles, Televisions can be purchased for direct weather, indirect weather, and even glare proof, and even WiFi has been made waterproof to improve the entertainment experience by the pool, on the dock, or just playing in the yard. Your outdoor specific systems like irrigation, pool control, and spa control can also be brought into the home automation environment.



Comfort can mean a lot of things and can refer to physical comfort, peace of mind, convenience, and even safety. Lighting control can address all of those things with sunrise/sunset schedulers, event based lighting scenes, remote control, and more. HVAC control can alert you if your home’s temperature falls out of a normal range while on vacation. Door locks keep the access to your home under control. Video doorbells and home video intercom systems keep you connected to your home and family at all times.



Security used to be a one trick pony. Now you can use your alarm to make sure the kids got home from school. Get reminders if you forget to arm the alarm for too long. Activate lights on alarm or light a path when entering a dark home. Shut the house down automatically if TVs or music were left on when the alarm is armed. Even with all of the new stuff alarms can be configured to do, we still offer the standard alarm monitoring plans (no contract of course). Surveillance cameras are the icing on the security cake. If you get the notification of an alarm you can login and check your cameras to verify. Or go the other way around and be notified by your cameras of an intruder on the property before they even get to the door. Perimeter and driveway sensors are great additions to protect large and/or more rural properties.



We’re talking about data transmission here, though it’s more commonly referred to as just WIFI. A strong network is the key to success in virtually every system in a home nowadays. Refrigerators can order groceries, showers can be controlled over the internet, even your doorbell needs internet access so you can see who’s at your door when you’re away. All of these items tax a home network and without the propery configuration and security you’re left vulnerable to intrusion and slow speeds. We’re certified to design networks for your home to ensure this is not the case.