CEDIA 2018

CEDIA 2018 was in beautiful San Diego, CA and Sunbelt Technology was there to take in all of the new innovations that will be hitting our industry immediately and over the next few months. It’s not all fun and games though. CEDIA is one of the few organizations in our industry that provide education to help set and maintain standards. This means we take courses and exams during our visits to stay properly certified. Some confuse membership with certification. We are a CEDIA certified company which means that we employ certified individuals and facilitate their growth with us. Below is a taste of what we saw and what we took away from the show.

Our current offering of audio components goes pretty far towards the high end with Sony ES AV Receivers and Martin Logan Electrostatic speakers, but we think we have room to offer more. We found a few manufacturers that were very impressive and we’re strongly considering bringing them into our line up.

Emotiva Logo

One of the taglines they use is “Re-Think High-End” and they definitely got us thinking. They take the separates approach to 2-channel listening and surround sound environments, but make a lot of their High-End products affordable. They make everything you could need for a great audio installation from amps and processors to loud speakers and subwoofers. We’re very excited at the idea of offering their equipment stacks. It doesn’t hurt that they’re manufactured right down the road in Franklin Tennessee.

Dynaudio Logo

Dynaudio is the other big High-End Takeaway that we’re looking at offering. They’re a speaker manufacturer in Denmark. Their speakers had some of the most beautiful and unique finishes of any speakers at the show. They have a history spanning over 40s years and multiple market segments including home audio, pro audio, and even car audio. Bugatti approached Dynaudio to design the Puccini Sound System for the Bugatti Veyron which is just a cool fact. They sound great, look great, and even in the high end provide great bang for the buck.

A subsystem is anything that falls under the umbrella of an automated home. While we integrate with almost everything we don’t provide full turnkey services for all of the subsystems. Some next moves for Sunbelt Technology might include Golf Simulators, Landscape Lighting, and even Theater/AV related Furniture.

About Golf Logo

The Official Golf Simulator Provider for the PGA Tour is aboutGolf. They use some of the most innovative technology to create the most immersive and useful experience in golf simulators. A mixture of ball, club, and swing analysis will improve your game over night. Multisport features are expected to be coming in the near future giving more functionality to the room for the whole family.

Coastal Source Logo

Manufactured and based in Florida, Coastal Source was created out of necessity for something that could stand the elements. They succeeded and then some. They have incredible landscape lighting options as well as landscape audio options. In some cases they’r the same thing. Speakers with integrated lighting help to hide the speakers while saturating your outdoor space with beautiful sounding audio.

Salamander Logo

Salamander Designs is one of the few furniture companies that focus on AV integrators. Their furniture is often modular without looking like it. Infinitely adjustable shelving, wire management, and modern styling make Salamander the obvious choice for most quality AV installations when a cabinet is really needed. They also offer some of the most attractive theater seating on the market with unparalleled quality. We’re planning on outfitting our showroom theater with a row of Salamander seating so our clients can get a feel for the quality.

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